Free Trial Registration

Enrolment for 2019 is now underway. If you wish to get your child into classes and don’t want to miss out on a place. We suggest you enrol in the class you think they will like the best (by clicking here) to make sure you secure a spot. If when your child comes in for their class in week 1, they don’t want to continue, you can opt out. But if they love it, they at least have a place secured. Essentially its a try before you buy but with the security of knowing that the place is yours if you want it.

Please note: If you only fill in the form below for a FREE TRIAL, your request will only be processed after all enrolments have been completed for 2019. Then if you come in for your trial and your child loves it, we may not have availability in the class you prefer and you will have to go on the waitlist.

We prefer you to enrol by clicking here, to avoid disappointment!

To claim your free trial (but risk missing out on a place for 2019) please complete your details by clicking here