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Our core values

lucindasml4 Empowering
young people with skills to make their mark on their community and the world
three Nurturing
A family friendly learning environment that helps our dancers to thrive
seven Professional
A professional arts education organisation creating opportunities for kids to shine
six Inclusive
across our curriculum, with classes for dancers of all ages and abilities

PMPA Programs

For littlies walking age and up
For 3 & 4 year olds
For 9 years plus
For Kindergarten and Year 1
For 13 years plus

Love of Dance

Dance is an incredible discipline for a child to experience. Dance is fun, it allows children to explore their creativity and express themselves. Through dance, children become more confident in themselves, discover the rewards of working in a team and forge life long friendships. If you have a little one at home with energy to burn, get them into dance with us!


Classical Ballet
Classical Ballet Technique classes in association with the Royal Academy of Dance and the Australian Teacher’s of Dancing.
24hours online rego
Tap Dancing
Tap performance & examination training with the Glenn Wood Tap Syllabus.
The Wauchope Port Macquarie Performing Arts WPMPA dance and FAME show at the Glasshouse Port Macquarie.

Photographer: Steve Harris
Studio: Fab Photos

These photos taken by Steve Harris photographer at Fab Photos the premier glamour, fashion, model, portfolio, portrait photography studio in Port Macquarie.
Fab Photos is link to model agency Fab Models.
Jazz is the perfect introduction to the world of dance and features fun, strength & coordination exercises to upbeat Top 40 music
2015 Port Eist Senior Variety
Musical Theatre
Love Drama Class? Love Singing in the Shower? Love to Dance?
Then Musical Theatre class is for you!
Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet
Dance Acro
Dance Acro combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements. Learn coordination & control, complete difficult tricks & enhance your skill set!
Singing & Drama
Our Singing and Drama classes form part of our Musical Theatre curriculum and are an important part of our Creative Combo classes.

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Coppelia auditions

AUDITIONS Round One: November 20, 2018 Callbacks: November 27, 2018. NB: Dancers who have been working in Bronze Medal, Bronze Star, Test 1,2,3 Ballet do not need to audition. They will automatically be part of the  performance if they are attending two ballet syllabus classes per week. All dancers will be required to perform in […]

2020 Examinations and Appraisals
2020 Examination Letter

Please read through the Examination Letter thoroughly and let us know if you have any questions.

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Port Macquarie Performing Arts
Qualified, Experienced, Professional Teachers

Exceptional teachers with years of experience preparing students for their future in dance.
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Thanks to all of the dancers that joined us for Masterclasses on March 12, 2017
Lauren Seymour
from Dream Dance Company and SYTYCD

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Mini Movers can start as soon as mum or dad wants to bring them in. We have babies in arms that are 3 months old! Mum and/or dad join in Mini Movers class, dancer become independant when they enter Twinkle toes at 3 years.

Twinkle Toes is on every morning of the week at 9:30am, excluding Sundays. We also do classes on Tuesdays at Wauchope. Just come along on the day to sign up at the time that suits you!

The short answer is anything they are comfortable in! We want our dancers to be as comfortable as possible when they join us for the first time. A shirt and tights or shorts is usually best if they dont have any dance clothes. Bare feet is fine. We recomend you don’t go buying any new dancewear or shoes until your child decides they want to enrol for the term. Once you are enrolled we can assist in helping you with uniform purchases in our office located at the studio!

Parents can view any class they want from our viewing TVs in the foyer of the Port studio but we dont alow parents in the room during classes. We find the dancer concentration and focus is best when they dont have any distractions. Mini movers is a class where the parents care involved in the class and so they are encouraged to join in the fun!

Welcome! Come on into the foyer of our studios, it will be chaotic if you are arriving during a class change over time, but please know its organised chaos in motion!  Your child’s teacher will come out to collect the class and should be expecting you.  If the office is open, the blue door on your left then just make yourself known to our staff and they will guide you in the right direction. If in doubt, any of our friendly parents in the foyer, or our senior students and teacher trainees will be more than happy to point you in the right direction. Then you can sit back and watch the class on our TV screens, or feel free to go and do the groceries, or get a coffee from next door!

Yes! Drama and Singing are part of our Creative Combo and our Musical Theatre curriculum. Our Creative Combo covers Dance, Singing, Drama and Creative Art.  Our musical theatre class covers Dancing, Singing and Acting. We have lots of these classes to choose from during the week.

If your child does not wish to participate in eisteddfods that is completely fine, no performance at PMPA is compulsory. We have classes that are a non performance classes that just work on technique recreational classes which are a fun class that students can enjoy with their friends.

We have two performances a year that your child can participate in. We have a Showcase that we have in the middle of the year and then we have an End of Year Concert.

We have two performances a year that your child can participate in. We have a Showcase that we have in the middle of the year and then we have an End of Year Concert. We also present a ballet every second year for the ballet students and a musical every other year for the jazz and musical theatre students. To ensure your child is enrolled in a class which fulfils your performance expectations please see your handbook or prospectus for all class information.

We prefer invoices for the whole term are paid upfront. If you wish to pay at a casual rate that is fine, we have a seperate pricing structure for this and unfortunately your child cannot be included in performances if you are paying casually as we need a full term commitment from students who wish to perform so that they dont let the team/their fellow dancers down by not attending.

We have lots of workshops and performances throughout the year, stay tuned to
our facebook page and newsletters for details.

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