2018 Promo materials video shoot

All 2018 Performance dancers are invited to participate in a video shoot for our 2018 promo materials. Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control this will be happening on a school day, so we understand if families are not able to make it. This event is in no way compulsory, totally optional.

Date: Friday 15 December

Time: 9.45am – 12noon. (Petite Performers 9.45am – 10.45am only)

Where: PMPA studios

Attire: Examination attire. Please bring all items from the PMPA uniform that you have. Eg. Combo dresses, Leotards, Shorts, Skirts. Please wear ballet shoes, but bring tan tights to change into. Clean tights please, no marks.

Hair: Royal Bun for under 13 years. IPP age is two braids from centre part into a low bun please.

Make up: Light make up to ensure no shine, mascara and lip gloss only. We want them to look natural please.

Shoes: Please bring all the shoes you have, they must be clean as they are being photographed. No ribbons on ballet shoes, just elastic. IPP please bring pointe shoes.

Parents are welcome to drop off and pick up. Petites mums please stay as we wont need your little ones for the entire time.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you there.

Please note: No promises can be made on the footage used. Even though your child may be photographed, the technicians will make final edits on footage used, this may or may not feature your dancer. This is not personal. If you do not want to take this risk, please do not attend. I cannot deal with emails from upset parents about how many times their child appears or does not appear in the new images.