Dance Mum #101

Dance Mum #101 If I had a dollar for overtime I heard someone say, “I’m not good at this dance mum thing” I would be rich! And the irony is, mostly it comes out of the mouths of some of the best dance mums I know. And trust me I know ‘all’ the dance mums […]

Extension Lesson Commitment Forms

Extension Lesson offers will commence to go out at the end of this month. Once you have been offered an Extension Lesson time, this time will be yours for Term 1 through to Term 3. It is important that you understand you are committing to 30 weeks of lessons at that time and the costs […]

VDF Handbook

VDF Handbook 2018 Hi everyone, Here is the VDF Handbook as it currently stands. We will let you know any additions to the schedule. Any questions please get in touch!

Want to Perform in 2018?

We do our best to be upfront and honest with you here at PMPA. In light of that, commitment to our Performance classes or programs is important to us. Teaching young people the importance of following through on a commitment, working as a team and standing by their word are just some of the life […]

Summer Dance Intensive Time!

Get ready for the Summer Dance Intensive. SDI Schedule 2018 PUBLISH Please note: If you have purchased a Junior Pass, you may choose 3 classes per day for your dancer. Try to make it consecutive so that they are there for a chunk of time, not coming and going the whole week. It is also […]