Want to Perform in 2018?

We do our best to be upfront and honest with you here at PMPA.

In light of that, commitment to our Performance classes or programs is important to us. Teaching young people the importance of following through on a commitment, working as a team and standing by their word are just some of the life lessons your dancer will learn at PMPA.

With that in mind, here are the commitment forms for the 2018 Performance classes. If your dancer has enrolled in a performance class or program for this year, one of these will need to be signed and returned to our offices on the first day of lessons for 2018, on our Open Days or during the Summer Dance Intensive.

If you find that you have dates you cannot commit to that are outlined, they must be marked on this form. If outlined on the form, this in no way jeopardises your dancers place in the team or placement in routines.

Absence that we know about, we can prepare for.

If your dancers misses important rehearsals and we do not know in advance that this will be occurring, it is un-nerving for the team as a whole, not just for your dancer who will feel unsure, nervous and not as confident going into a performance. For JPP & IPP Performance Programs, more than 3 absences from any of your classes during a term may put your place in the program in jeopardy.

The exception to this is illness, if your child is contagious they must remain at home, please post of the Facebook group to inform teachers. If they are injured they should come to class to ensure they are watching and learning from their classmates.

This year we have introduced Power Weeks. In addition to rehearsals, you may not understand the importance your child’s attendance in that final week leading into a performance or examination. This year we are outlining that importance by monitoring attendance more closely during what we are calling ‘Power Weeks.’ Please ensure your child is present in all classes during those important Power Weeks.

Download your forms here, print and return to the office by Feb 5th. If you wish to email your form, please email to the office admin@pmperformingarts.com

We hope by gaining commitment from everyone across all of our performance streams that we will be in the best possible position to present unified teams during all of our performance opportunities for 2018. Thank you in advance for helping us teach our dancers the importance of commitment.

Thank you,

Miss Stacey

For dancers in 8 years, 10 years or 12 years Performance classes

2018 Jnr Performance Commitment Form 2

For dancers in Petite Performers

2018 Petite Performers Commitment Form 2

For dancers in JPP, IPP or CPP

2018 IPP:JPP:CCP Commitment Form 2