Extension Lesson Commitment Forms

Extension Lesson offers will commence to go out at the end of this month. Once you have been offered an Extension Lesson time, this time will be yours for Term 1 through to Term 3. It is important that you understand you are committing to 30 weeks of lessons at that time and the costs involved with this. If you cannot make your time due to school/work commitment or illness you are encouraged to swap with someone else for that week so that a) you child does not miss out on a lesson and b) you are not out of pocket.

Please download here your Extension Lesson commitment form, this will need to be returned to the office during Week 1 to secure your time. Any forms not returned at the end of week 1, your time will be given to a dancer on the wait list. Please ensure this form is read, completed and returned.

2018 Extension Lesson commitment contract

Thank you,

Miss Stacey