Dance Mum #101

Dance Mum #101

If I had a dollar for overtime I heard someone say, “I’m not good at this dance mum thing” I would be rich! And the irony is, mostly it comes out of the mouths of some of the best dance mums I know. And trust me I know ‘all’ the dance mums (and some ‘dance moms’ too!)

The truth is, when it comes to being a good dance mum, or at least a dance mum who will feel right at home at PMPA, there are only a few things that you need to know.

For mums new to dance in 2018, there is no need to worry. Follow our handy checklist and you’ll have a hang of this ‘dance mum’ thing before you know it.

Number 3

Be prepared! Don’t know what they need to wear? Check out our Uniform and Grooming page on our website and get all you need from our office before class! Dance shoes we recommend you get from local dance wear stores, Dancedreams in Port Macquarie and Bodilines in Wauchope. Come to class 15 mins early and ask any questions you may have. If you turn up right on class time you will find the foyer is a hive of activity. Give yourself and your dancers some breathing space by coming in just that little bit earlier.

Number 2

Ask! We pride ourselves on creating a friendly, family environment at PMPA. If you are unsure of anything, there are a load of fabulous dance mums ready to answer your questions and help out at the touch of a button. We have 3 great Facebook groups that we encourage you to join once you have enrolled at PMPA. The first is our PMPA Dance Parents & Students page – the go-to for parent questions and advice. PMPA Share the love recommendations – a page where you can ask questions or share advice, not just on things dance related but also related to our local community eg. Where can you find a good plumber! And our PMPA Buy Swap Sell for our Dance family page, you can guess what we do there! I encourage you to jump online and ask, i love our dance community and we are always ready to help you out.

And Number 1

Read all the things… We try our best not to surprise you or to catch you out at PMPA. We give you all of our dates for the Year prior to enrolment (see Yearly Planner on our website). We give you an outline of all of the costs involved, including performance costs, no surprise costumes or props to pay for (see Pricing on our website). We update you twice a week with things to remember for that fortnight, our newsletters are delivered to your enrolment email address (so make sure that you typed it in correctly and check your junk mail!) at 3pm on Mondays and Fridays during Term. And finally, every time we have a major event eg. performance or trip away, we publish what we call the HANDBOOK. A break down of all times, costs, rehearsals, performances, tights, shoes, costumes even earrings so that you have all the info you need right in front of you! Read what comes in your direction on our Website, Facebook group and in the Newsletter and you won’t miss a thing!

And there you have it. I should mention a little thing known as encouragement. If you want to be the best dance mum you can be, encourage your child to try new things, to stick with their commitments and to share their passion with others.

At PMPA, we try to be all about the kids, not the gossip and definitely not small town politics. If your child is happy, tell them how proud you are and never compare their experience to anyone else’s. If you find your dancer isn’t happy, then thats when we encourage you to come and speak with us, we are always happy to do whatever we can to make your child’s arts education an enjoyable one. Go forth dance mums!