Your fee options at PMPA

Transaction fees at PMPA – Your options

With the introduction of Autopay this term, I wanted to take this opportunity to further explain the options you have for payments at PMPA.

Autopay gives you the ability to spread your payments out over the entire term. And as a bonus, you don’t ned to think about it. Enter your details once and whallah! Your payments are processed. We give you the dates ahead of time, you can check your balance at anytime on the portal and calculate what will be deducted. It’s simple and by Term 1 of 2019 all customers will need to be signed up. The fees associated with Autopay are charged by Ezidebit, the Australian direct debit organisation that coordinate the payments.

Paying your account online with Paypal via the Parent Portal incurs a 3.2% fee that Paypal calls a “Convenience fee”. The convenience of course is that you don’t need to come into the studio to make a payment, instead paying your bills in your pajamas, whilst sipping on a glass of Shiraz with the fire on in the background, right!? Or just on your phone whilst you’re parked outside the school waiting to do pickup before driving to the many activities you have planned for that afternoon in your second job AKA Taxi driver. Whichever works! Again, you can check your balance at anytime on the portal and pay in either instalments or as one lump sum.

Paying in person at the studio is the fee free way to fix up your bill if you pay by Cash, EFTPOS or Visa/Mastercard. Because we like to see you and love when you drop in, we suck up all the added costs involved with our POS.

If you wish to avoid the Ezidebit or Paypal fees, please pay during office hours Mon-Thurs 4-6pm. If you call up during this time we can take your credit card details over the phone, or drop in and see us.

Next year when everyone is on Autopay, to avoid fees just get into the studio to fix up your bill before the first instalment.

We hope that by providing you several options that you can find the best one to suit you and your family.

If at anytime you have questions regarding your accounts, we encourage you to get in touch or 02 65833753