2019 Production Callbacks


Congratulations to all of the dancers who performed in our 2019 Production auditions on Tuesday night. The panel, made up of teachers and independent judges were impressed with the high standard of presentation from both levels.

As discussed on the night, callbacks are not an indication of moving to a higher level, just that the panel would like to see more from the dancers chosen.

I spoke with all of the dancers about this, but for parents, it is important to know that the panel could have already selected your dancer for a role but may not require them to come back and perform for the callbacks. So, don’t be disheartened if their name does not appear on the list. We still have dancers to see on Tuesday that will be in front of the panel for the first time along with Callback dancers who will perform 1 – 1.5mins of a chosen classical solo or variation of their choice.

Just by auditioning on Tuesday night, your dancer is guaranteed a spot in the show. They will dance alongside their peers who also take ballet syllabus classes at PMPA.

A reminder of what a good learning tool this process can be. I encourage you to be proud of your dancer for giving it a go, ask them what they learned from the process, what they enjoyed, what made them nervous, what they can take from the experience and use at school, in future auditions, job interviews or in real life. Use this opportunity to tell your child how proud you are of them and how their self worth is not wrapped up in whether or not they win a prize, get a callback or succeed in gaining a role but in how they interact with others, what kind of role model they are to younger dancers who look up to them and by how they contribute to their community.

Callbacks will be held at 5.45pm on Tuesday night (27th) in front of your peers. All PMPA dancers are welcome to attend. A short audition class for those students who couldn’t attend last Tuesday will be held from 5.15pm.

The dancers the panel would like to see perform a 1-1.5min classical solo or variation are

  • Lottie Wilson
  • Cassie Hender
  • Hailee Carson
  • Cassidy Fryer-Allen
  • Celia Pritchard
  • Lyla Jamieson
  • Lila Browning
  • Melesse Mallyon
  • Lana Ostrowskyj
  • Sophie Rogers
  • Neve Betenson
  • Hannah Summers

Please wear a leotard of your choice, ballet tights and shoes, bring with you a cd with your music on it.

I can’t wait to see you all.

Miss Stacey