What do we stand for?

In this 5 part series I will be discussing the top 5 Values of Port Macquarie Performing Arts and how these values shape your child’s dance education experience with us. So much of what we teach is not practical dance steps. Whilst there are a lot of those too, the real lessons your child learns in the PMPA dance studio will be shaping the person they are becoming not just in the studio, but in the world.

As a dance school, we are primarily an arts education organisation.  Therefore it is possible that we are tainted with the brush of being “creative types” and “disorganised”. Not at PMPA. We pride ourselves on running a professional organisation who works hard to give each of our dance families a positive dance experience and well curated customer journey. 
There are 4 main ways we do this:

  1. Communication – since our inception in 2011, we have produced all of our communication content online. Giving our customers access to all the information they need, right at their fingertips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If in doubt, you can always find any updates you need on the News page of our website. No need to log on or give your details, just two clicks and you are there! This electronic format also includes our accounts, which you can pay from the comfort of your own home or sign up to autopay and watch it happen magically without you having to lift a finger. Our staff are very approachable and have several times during the week that you can sit down with them and discuss your child’s progress of class selection. And then there’s out fabulous office staff who are here to help you with any questions you need answers to.
  2. Facilities – Dance, when learnt correctly with qualified staff and in safe dance facilities is a very safe extra-curricular activity for children. When you enter our studio space, you get a feeling for the professionalism we hold so important at PMPA. Our studios are safe spaces to dance in with adequate dance flooring that is sprung to protect dancers joints. The surfaces are non slip and the rooms air-conditioned. Our students are given access to water in the studio for proper hydration of young bodies. Parents can enjoy a coffee from the cafe and can watch all of their dancers classes from the parents lounge where CC tv captures all of the classes in real time.
  3. Staff – We have the best staff on the Mid North Coast. Our teachers have sound teaching qualifications, each with good communication skills, a thorough understanding of safe dance practice and secure knowledge of the curriculum they are teaching. They can create lands of make believe with our Twinkle Toes and coach our IPP students to careers in the Performing Arts. Most importantly they are passionate, qualified and incredible role models for your young one.
  4. Opportunities – We take pride in the incredible opportunities we provide for our dancers. Dancers of all ages are provided with many (optional!) performance opportunities throughout the year. These performances may be formal in the form of concerts or recitals at The Glasshouse or a school hall or informal setting such as community performances on town green, shopping centres, nursing homes or just in front of friends and family in the studio. Young dancers learning to share their love of dance with others gives them a greater understanding of their place in the world, dance gives the resoluteness for students to move confidently in the direction of their dreams. Our dancers advance through (optional!) examinations and assessments, but we understand that these measures are not suited to all and understand that some children may only wish to dance for enjoyment, there is a place for them at PMPA too. Our studios are a positive, joyful and nurturing learning environment for all ages.

Although we try our best to communicate clearly, to give the best possible curriculum choices to our dance families and to nurture the individual learning styles of all dancers, we are always looking for feedback. Be sure to get in touch with us if you find something we can improve on. We are always doing what we can to make your dance experience as positive as possible.