2019 Armistice Casting

The time has come to announce the casting for the 2019 restaging of Armistice the One Act Ballet.

Congratulations to all of the dancers who participated in the audition process.


20 year anniversary of Armistice

Simone (Leader of the Shadow Dwellers, role originated by 

Angela Jamieson) Hannah Summers

Understudies – Maddi White, Lana Ostrowskyj

Lucinda (Leader of the People of the Light, role originated by Yvette Morris) Neve Betenson

Understudies – Imogen Smith, Maddison Reed

Miranda (the role originated by Stacey White)

Melodie Cicak

Understudy – Jess Ismay

The Queen – Sophie Rogers

Miranda’s Ladies in Waiting – Maddi White, Imogen Smith

Understudy – Talia McLaughlin

Shadow Princesses – Melesse Mallyon, Jess Ismay

Understudy – Lottie Wilson, Cassie Hender

Light Princesses – Lyla Jamieson, Lana Ostrowskyj

Understudy – Trinity Craig, Ava Smith

Shadow Leaders – Lila Browning, Celia Pritchard

Light Leaders – Maddison Reed, Jordyn Davies

Shadow Dwellers 

Emily Jordan

Colton Craig

Caitlin Judd

Charlotte Eichler

Hannah Lee

Brooke McLaughlin

with dancers from ballet classes at PMPA

People of the Light 

Talia McLaughlin

Isabelle Champion

Capri Lord

Cassidy Fryer Allen

Gabbi MacCullagh

Hailee Carson

Emily Chan

with dancers from ballet classes at PMPA

All dancers who take Ballet at PMPA will be cast as either a Shadow Dweller or part of the People of the Light. Dancers will find out in class, which routines they will be in. 

If your dancers name does not appear here, it does not mean that he/she will not be dancing in the ballet, it just means that they will find out their role in class.