Girl Geared for Greatness

Girls geared for greatness

In our inaugural year, there will be two parts to the Girls Geared for Greatness program. Don’t let the title fool you, boys are more than welcome to join in all aspects of this program (It’s just that Boys and Girls Geared for Greatness seemed like too long for my title!)

Part 1: For dancers who are part of our Intensive Performance Program & Junior Performance Program. They will participate in two 15mins workshops per term, during their class time. Lead by Qualified Clinical Nutritionist, Jessie Myers from Project Goddess (Miss Jessie!!) Topics may include: Goal Setting, Bullying and Relationships and Establishing a morning routine.

Part 2: For all dance families in the studio and their friends. 1x 45min workshop per term in the boardroom, lead by local experts from the Health and Wellness Industry. Dance families are encouraged to attend these workshops with their dancer, eg. Mum and Daughter or Aunt and dancer. Topics may include: Productivity, Navigating the Mental Health of your teenager, Bullying and the use of online media.

The Girls Geared for Greatness Initiative is a free program available to all members of the Port Macquarie Performing Arts family. You are welcome to bring along (for the Part 2 component) friends who you feel will benefit from the experience being offered. Bookings are essential.

Workshop events will be free but bookings must be made on our website to secure your place in the room.

We welcome your feedback at anytime.

With thanks,

Miss Stacey