Bring it On Callback Announcement

Callbacks will be held on Wednesday 23 October. All dancers who auditioned vocally today will be required to participate in a dance audition at 4pm on Callback day.

Please remember, just because you did not get a Callback, does not mean that you have missed out! You may have been cast already. Don’t be disheartened.

The following performers will be required to perform solos on Callback day for the roles outlined below.

Campbell: Lana, Jess, Neve, Lyla, Nicola

Danyelle: Zalia, Isabelle Champion, Olivia

Eva: Hannah, Talia

Bridget: Imogen, Ryder, Leila

Male role: Chris

Repertoire for Callbacks:

Danyelle: It’s all Happening from 2mins – 2.40secs
Campbell: Born to do from 2.20secs – 2.55secs plus Bring it on 1.55secs – end.

Eva: Killer Instinct 1.37 – 2.18
Bridget: First minute of It ain’t no thing

Male role: Do your own thing 2.40secs – 2.57 and /or Friday night, Jackson 1.30secs – 2min

During callbacks performers may be required to read scenes from the show.

All auditioning dancers will participate in a dance audition from 4pm – 4.20pm in studio 3. Callbacks will occur straight after this until 5.30pm in front of an audience of your peers.

Before you audition, please make sure you can commit fully to the production – Bring it On Audition and Commitment Form