Back to Dance! We are thrilled to have you back in the studio this week…

Thank you for your patience and understanding during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have missed our dance families and can’t wait to see everyone back in the studio. However there are a number of Government Regulations in place for us to be able to re-open that we need to follow by.


Please take the time to read through these guidelines before arriving at the studio. This is a new normal for us and we appreciate if everyone can do their part in making this as streamlined as possible.

Changes to our Regular Rules and Regulations


To keep our students, teachers and staff healthy and dancing, we will be following these recommended guidelines:

  • STREAMLINED PROCESS – To reduce waiting times, maintain recommended numbers in the studios, minimise clutter and the risk of losing items we encourage all students to arrive in their dance uniform, leotard, jacket and pants with slip-on shoes.
  • DO NOT attend classes when unwell – students who may have cold or flu symptoms should stay at home but will be able to participate in their class via the prepared training videos on the Online Dance Portal.
  • THERE IS A DEDICATED IN and OUT protocol to adhere to. “Get in, dance, get out”
  • Please use SANITISER PROVIDED on arrival and follow markers were used.
  • All dancers must sign in when entering the building at the office. All ROLLS will be marked from the office. This is necessary for complete contact tracing guidelines, please report here on arrival.
  • Please follow the SOCIAL DISTANCING guidelines while waiting to have your students name marked off the roll and arrive slightly earlier to avoid class disruption.
  • KISS AND DROP – Parents are to drop students and refrain from coming into the waiting area during drop off and pick up times. We have a car-park at the back of the building for parents wanting to wait in their cars, or it is a perfect time to go for a walk.
  • ONLY FOUR IN RECEPTION AREA Social distancing guidelines will only allow us to have FOUR people in the waiting area. Once students are in classes and the office is open parents may come in to see Lazette. Please make an appointment to meet with the principal or teachers if required by emailing – do not contact teachers on their personal mobile phone or social media accounts.
  • ONLY students will be permitted in the waiting and change areas. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS.  Adults with the appropriate clearances, volunteering to assist the school in keeping our premises COVID-safe will be allowed past the office. These adults will be wearing an ID badge.
  • WE WILL maintain a high standard of cleanliness and sanitisation. All children from Twinkle Toes to 10Yrs will be met by a senior student, teacher or volunteer, who will take children to the bathroom where they will wash their hands. They will make sure children attend their classes and know where to go. Children will wash their hands after class and will be accompanied to the studio door for parents to pick them up. If parents are going to be late dropping off or picking up, they must inform the office by. phoning 0265833753.
  • The meal / waiting area / student lounge / parent lounge will remain unavailable at this time. There will be no waiting and/or congregating allowed in the bathrooms.
  • Once students are in classes, all warm-up areas where students like to touch will be cleaned and sanitised.Barres, when used, will be wiped down after every class.
  • DOORS will remain OPEN to avoid the need for opening and closing.
  • Hand sanitiser is available in all studios for students to use when they wish. After coughing, sneezing or blowing their nose, all students and teachers must use hand sanitiser.Between classes and during breaks, we have ample room for social distancing and will encourage students to follow guidelines. We will be teaching students to maintain and be responsible for sanitising barres and equipment which they use. Disposable gloves are available if required.
  • Conditioning classes – students should all bring a towel to place on yoga mats. Students will be responsible for cleaning Yoga mats and props used with disinfectant after each use.

Regulations have prohibited us from conducting classes as per the 2020 timetable that was created at the start of this year. Instead please see below a link to the new timetable for your consideration.

Some of our previous classes have had to be cancelled due to studio and teacher availability under the new regulations. Please contact us to re-enrol in another class/time if this is related to your child.

Many existing classes have changed times, we tried where possible to remain all classes on their original days.
The only exception to this is the 8years Performance classes in Jazz and Contemporary which have had to move to Saturday, along with their ballet class. Thank you for understanding, you lovely 8 years parents ???

If you cannot find the class your child has previously been enrolled in, check the portal on Friday and your statement should reflect the new times. If you wish to change your child’s class time, please email to check the availability of the class requested.

We will be running classes from the 13th June through to the end of Term 3.
This will be split into 2 sections and invoiced to you separately. The first 5 weeks (13 June – 19 July) will be a modified timetable. Extensions lessons are not included in this timetable and are an add on and you will need to purchase this via the link below.

Your invoice for the first 5 weeks will be in your portal today. Please ensure you pay this to secure your child’s spot in their classes. This allows us to know how many students are confirmed for each class.

If you wish to use the credit on your account, please email us and let us know that you will be returning and wish to use your credit.