Changes to End of Year Concert

Glasshouse rules have changed based around COVID restrictions, making it impossible for us to move forward with 3 concerts as planned for our End of Year Concert day on November 29.


  • Twinkle Toes
  • Non Performance Classes
  • Kindy Combo
  • Junior Combo
  • 8years Performance classes.


  • IPP
  • JPP & 12yrs Performance classes
  • 10yrs Performance Classes

We have new show groupings and 4 shows for our EOYC performances. 

Download the new running order here- Updated Running Order and Requirements

Confused? Speak with Lazette in the office Mon-Thurs 4-6pm

Do not call the Glasshouse and ask them to help with your Childs routine, instead find out from reading the running order what show your child is in and then call the Glasshouse. Glasshouse will be able to exchange tickets, but make sure you know what you need prior to going there or calling them. Lazette can help you with complimentary tickets.

Good news:

  • Showcase Spectacular USB’s are almost done, we will start giving them out from Monday.
  • Coppelia announcement tonight on the PMPA Facebook page.