Acro Dance is a combination of coordination and acrobatic tricks, which will bring your dance technique to life!   The skills we teach in this class include handstands, cartwheels, chin stands, baranis and walkovers in a safe dance atmosphere.

My 8 year old daughter Felicity loves her acro class with Miss Vanessa. She loves learning new tricks and she has developed confidence and strength being a part of this class.


Miss Vanessas’ Acro Dance classes will insure your child gains strength, flexibility and confidence.  Through Acrodance students will focus on the development of upper body and core strength, flexibility and balance with dedication to safe and monitored learning through the graded progressions of the Acrobatic Arts syllabus. Students are graded individually and will work their way through the 12 syllabus levels of Acrodance. To progress through the levels, each student must demonstrate flawless technique and conquer every aspect of their current grading.

Students participate in carefully planned lessons that continuously promote safety and correct technique, which minimises injury and maximises success.