Kindy Gym & Mini Movers – Dance Classes for kids under 5 years in Port Macquarie & Wauchope

If you have a little one at home with energy to burn, get them into dance with us! With classes to explore for all ages, our Twinkle Toes & Mini Men program at Port Macquarie Performing Arts, features dance classes for kids under 5 years that love to move.
Watch as your little girl twirls like a princess, see her flitter flutter with her butterfly wings.  Watch your little man hop like a kangaroo, stomp like a dinosaur and kick like a karate king. Watch as they both explore the depths of their imagination with each class they attend.
Along the way, your child will develop new skills, become more confident working with other children and learn how to express themselves through expert guidance and individual attention.
They will love the story-telling and creative dance exploration, along with singing, acting and developing skills to stimulate their coordination and development.

“My daughter Jada is nearly 4 years old, and has been dancing in since she was 2 years old. Her teachers Miss Ange, Miss Jazzy and Miss Melodie have been so wonderful, guiding her, teaching her, but mostly inspiring her. My daughter believes she is just as good as her teachers, because of the confidence they instill in her. She’s forever showing us her latest pirouette, spin, jump, and most recently, the splits. It’s the greatest thing to watch your child do something they love!”


Mini Movers Mums & Dads is a fun, fairytale & nursery rhyme based class for children 3 years and under where participation with a loving adult makes it a beautiful opportunity for shared experiences and connection. Set in a nurturing and safe environment, our Mini Movers learn how to move and strengthen their growing bodies, expand their vocabularies and have fun with a loving grown up all at the same time. These classes stimulate cognitive and physical development, sociability and bonding suitable for babies from standing age and upwards.
Mini Movers is in Port Macquarie, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday at 9am. This class is casual, attend when it suits with no sign up or registration fee, just $5 per class when you attend.

Twinkle Toes is a beautiful introduction to the world of dance. Our Twinkle Toes classes are much loved by girls aged 3-5 years, as they foster ballet technique development through the fun of story-telling and make believe. The Twinkle Toes curriculum allows our dancers to acquire skills whilst still having the freedom to express themselves creatively and of course, have a good time. Dancers begin to learn the basics in posture, musicality, alignment, weight placement and coordination whilst adapting to each individual child’s natural abilities and unique talents.  Twinkle Toes is on every morning at 9.30am except Sundays in Port Macquarie. You must register for this class as places are limited and class places fill up fast, register online today, registration only takes a few minutes!

Our Mini Men program is designed for energetic young boys. Do you ever think, where does my boy get the energy!? Then Mini Men is the perfect introduction to dance.  Boys get to use their imagination and creativity through the art of story-telling. They learn to control their bodies in a stress free and creative space. Our Mini Men develop strength and technical ability in a class that is just for boys, not a fairy wand in sight!  Mini Men is on Saturday mornings in Port Macquarie. You must register for this class as places are limited, register online today, registration only takes a few
minutes! Click here

Kindy Gym is a gymnastics based movement class for spirited little dancers aged 2yrs to 5yrs focussing on co-ordination, exercise and fun. This class is casual, attend when it suits with no sign up or registration fee, just $5 per class when you attend. Kindy Gym is on in Port Macquarie Mondays and Fridays at 9am.  Watch the smile your child’s face grow as they experience the magic of dance as part of our Twinkle Toes & Mini Men program at Port Macquarie Performing Arts.