Love Drama Class? Love Singing in the Shower? Love to Dance?
Then Musical Theatre class is for you.

Study with us musicals from stage and screen, from Broadway to London and back! No experience necessary, perfect for the drama queen or king in your family!

2017 Dance Class Times

Non Performance Musical Theatre Classes

Mondays 6 – 10 years: 5.45-6:30pm

Performance Musical Theatre Class

Mondays 6 – 10 years: 5.45:6:30pm

Fridays Pre-senior 12 years: 4:00-4:45pm

Fridays Senior Musical Theatre 13 years +: 4:45-5:30pm

My daughter Laila is 6 years old and does Musial theatre with Miss Vanessa. Laila loves musical theatre! The class is fun and teaches Laila to incorporate singing and acting into dancing. The class is a lot of fun and I have loved watching the older girls in the class help the younger girls and be someone that the younger girls can look up to. Miss Vanessa is a fun, caring and passionate teacher who inspires Laila and has helped her confidence grow.