Tap at PMPA is fun! Dancers at PMPA study the Glenn Wood Tap Syllabus.

My daughter Laila is 6 years old and does the Tap class with Miss Teghan. Laila loves the class and the challenges it presents. I have loved watching her develop a real tap technique and Laila now has a real love for tap! Miss Teghan is a caring, nurturing and fun teacher whose passion for tap is infectious and filters down to the children she teaches.


Why Glenn Wood Tap?

Glenn Wood wrote the GWT syllabus after many years of teaching and adjudicating tap. He noticed that there was a need for a dynamic and exciting tap syllabus – that was based on technique and the classic tap of the past.

After years of scribbling notes, tapping away and teaching many young dancers who have gone on to both win local and international competitions, Glenn launched Glenn Wood Tap – The Syllabus in 2004.

Retiring from teaching gave Glenn the time to focus on examining and creating new and dynamic choreography – much to the delight of contemporary dancers. GWT currently has 7 examiners Australia wide and conducts exams via video and the internet for international dancers. There are over 300 schools including PMPA that enjoy teaching the GWT syllabus – with many of those studios competing in the annual GWT Scholarship and participating in exams.

Glenn Wood Tap is more than a tap syllabus – it is like a tap emporium that encompasses many avenues to help create the best tap dancers.  For more information see http://www.glennwoodtap.com/about-us.html
Students may choose to study tap at a recreational level, or may choose to participate in scholarships and examinations.