Confident Kids will not be running in 2019.

Confident Kids – A Performing Arts Preschool

Port Macquarie Performing Arts opened its doors in 2011, bringing a caring, family friendly, inclusive arts learning environment to Port Macquarie for the benefit of local families.
As a Performing Arts school, it has always been the focus of PMPA to expose their dancers to all aspects of the arts, constantly infusing their classes with singing, drama, dance and to a limited extent music. As they continue to live up to their mission of providing arts opportunities for students of all ages and abilities, they see the next natural progression of their Twinkle Toes and Mini Men dance program to provide longer, more extensive programs for young children.

With this in mind, they have created the Hastings first Performing Arts Preschool Program – Confident Kids. Would you like to talk to us about Confident Kids?

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Confident Kids features an arts based curriculum giving young children the confidence to further develop their arts experience, bringing music, visual arts and dance into the hearts and homes of Port Macquarie families.

Lead by qualified and passionate educators, Confident Kids provides Preschool aged programs for children aged 3yrs and over. Half Day Confident Kids Programs will run from 8:45am – 11:45am on Monday’s and Thursday’s.

Watch as your little girl twirls like a princess, see her flitter flutter with her butterfly wings. Watch your little man hop like a kangaroo, stomp like a dinosaur and kick like a karate king. Watch as they both explore the depths of their imagination with each day they attend. Along the way, your child will develop new skills, become more confident working with other children and learn how to express themselves through expert guidance and individual attention. They will love the story-telling and creative dance exploration, along with singing, acting and developing skills to stimulate their coordination and development. Set in a nurturing and safe environment, children will learn how to move and strengthen their growing bodies, expand their vocabularies and have fun with their new friends. Watch as they arrive with a smile and leave with an even bigger one, bounding into Confident Kids, eager to learn, express and explore.

Give your child the joy of music, drama and dance that will stay with them for a lifetime.

Find us on Facebook  or call us at Confident Kids – A Performing Arts Preschool – 02 65833753