Welcome to the world of Eisteddfod competitions!

Eisteddfod Handbooks can be found here, 4 weeks out from a competition.

Eisteddfods at PMPA are for dancers who participate in Performance classes. In order to dance in a Performance class, you must be participating in two classical ballet classes per week.

Students should be proud to be selected to be part of a team that has the chance to perform in an eisteddfod, to learn the valuable lessons of companionship, good sportsmanship, working together, co-operating, and rehearsing towards the highest standard you can achieve. This is what we hope you take away from eisteddfods, these qualities are more important to us than trophies or prizes.

To get the best from any dancer they first must enjoy what they are doing and then develop physically. Hopefully during this process the dedication and determination to do their best will hopefully follow. As adults we need to encourage and support, not judge and compare. Eisteddfods are a subjective competition, where one judge selects prize winners in any given category. It is based on personal opinion and dance parents should keep in mind the intrinsic rewards that we want our dancers to gain from these experiences.

Each Eisteddfod, we produce a Handbook that contains all of the information you need to know. This page is where this will be posted 4 weeks out from competition. Stay tuned…