PMPA Fees & Charges

Class durations may vary depending on the class your dancer participates in.

Our class fees are based on a 15min period. Eg. If your child participates in Twinkle Toes, this is a 45min lesson (3x 15mins) please multiply the Twinkle Toes price below by 3. Kindy Combo is one hour long, so multiply that price by 4.

These are the 15 minute increment prices for 2019 excluding GST.

Twinkle Toes/Mini Men – $3.15

Kindy/Junior Combo – $3.75

Junior Classes including Acro/Test 1 Ballet – $4.15

Intermediate Classes including Creative Combo –  $4.55

Pre Senior Classes –  $5.35

Senior Classes –  $5.35

Extension Lessons – $13.62

Mini Movers & Kindy gym – $2.50 (Both casual classes, 30mins at $5 per class)

Cheer – $4.55

For current JPP ($95.45/wk), CPP ($80/wk) & IPP ($$109.09/wk) prices, please click on the links for those classes

Class costs increase minimum 6% each year and do not include Paypal fees.

To pay your account, log onto the PMPA Dance Parents Portal and use the email address you used for enrolment to log in. For a step by step guide click here.