Jessie Myers

Jessie started dancing at the age of 8 in Port Macquarie and was taught by many of our current teachers including Miss Stacey, Miss Francessca, Miss Ange and Miss Kate. At the age of 18 Jessie started her professional dancing career that took her to international stages including Europe, Africa, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Australia. Jessie is also a qualified Clinical Nutritionist and Personal Trainer. For her, dancing is all about fun, fitness and confidence and Jessie is excited that she now gets to share her knowledge and love of dance with the next generation.

  1. Favourite Colour? Green
  2. What age did you start dancing? 8
  3. What is your favourite style of dance? Lyrical & Jazz
  4. Most loved dance you have ever choreographed? I choreographed a Vampire dance that I loved when I was in full-time dance that was performed at our graduation.
  5. What is the best show/performance you have seen live? My all time favourite is ‘The house of Dancing Water” in Macau. I would go back to Macau just to see this show again.
  6. Who was your mentor/ role model growing up? I grew up dancing under Miss Francessa, Miss Ange and Miss kate. These women had huge influences on my life.
  7. What is the most exciting contract/job you have taken in your dance career thus far? My favourite was ‘SolAria’ at Jupiter’s Casino, Gold Coast, but the most exciting was my very first contact on a cruise ship that travelled around the Mediterranean and South Africa.
  8. If you could meet one performer from throughout history of any time period, who would it be? Beyonce’.
  9. Where is your favourite place in world? Home…or Spain.
  10. Why do you love to dance? Because it makes me feel alive.