Francessca O’Donnell

On the mid north coast Francessca O’Donnell needs no introduction, as the areas most experienced and successful teacher, Francessca has a Fellowship with the British Ballet Organisation, over 20 years experience as a BBO examiner and successfully ran her own studio for 25 years. Commencing with PMPA in 2011, Francessca looks forward to  sharing her love of dance with new and returning students this year. Francessca also runs her own design business, see the work at

A few fun facts to help you get to know Miss Francessca!

  1. Favourite Colour?  Lime Green.
  2. What age did you start dancing? Six.
  3. What is your favourite style of dance? South American.
  4. Most loved dance you have ever choreographed? Showcase Performance of Celine Dion’s “Just Walk Away” in 2000.
  5. What is the best show/performance you have seen live? Wild Swans. Choreographed by Australian choreographer, Meryl Tankard.
  6. Who was your mentor/ role model growing up? Brenda Last, for her teaching influence when I was a young adult.
  7. What is the most exciting contract/job you have taken in your dance career thus far? Teaching for Leeds School of Contemporary Dance in England when I was in my late 30’s.
  8. If you could meet one performer from throughout history of any time period, who would it be? Fred Astaire.
  9. Where is your favourite place in world? At home, in Beechwood.
  10. Why do you love to dance? I love the way my body reacts to music- it makes my heart sing.
  11. See Miss Francessca’s artwork at